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Garry Bastian

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"Let me tell you about Garry. Shortly before my daughter's wedding in August, Garry lost someone very dear to him. He could have told us he couldn't drive all the way to Leavenworth, Washington because of his loss. He could have sent a different photographer in his sted, with our blessings and understanding, but he didn't. He drove all the way to Leavenworth and he did a fabulous job. We never saw him doing his job, except for the posed photos. He stayed in the shadows. He did such a wonderful job. The pictures, like all of his photos are absolutely beautiful. We are so happy that he was our photographer and that he is our friend."

-The Campbells (Sandy, Bill and Zak) and the Kittelsons (Jenni and Justin).

"Being a professional florist I have worked with a lot of photographers over the years. For me Garry is not just a photographer. With the age of digital photography making great photos so easy sometimes you can really lose the artistic eye. When that happens all you are left with is a good shot. Than you've got Garry. Garry is not just a professional photographer. Garry is that type of artist that shines with "Out of The Box" creative vision. Definitely a Pro on the rise."

-Frank Blanchard Aifd

"Garry brings a grounded authenticity in his photography. He captures the realness of a moment and it sets him apart. He is truly a gifted artist."

-Kaspian Rosenthal

"Garry Bastion is a fantastic photographer. He started taking photos of our events in 2014 and we've been extremely happy with his work every time. Not only does he capture the excitement of a large event but he also catches beautiful moments of individuals expressing their personality and joy. Even in difficult lighting situations, Garry finds a way to deliver clear, high quality images that portray our shows exactly how we see them. He's kind and respectful and very flexible. We often recommend Garry, not only for event photography, but also for portraits, concept shoots, and glamour. He's very talented and capable."

-Savory Events

"As a model, I love working with Garry. He does a fantastic job of making me feel comfortable in front of the camera and we always spend the shoots laughing and having a lot of fun. I love Garry's message that everyone deserves to feel beautiful and he always makes it a reality for me. He's very creative and inspired and there are no limits to what's he's willing to creatively tackle".

-Treya Bushell

"Garry in one word is incredible. Professional, friendly and you feel very comfortable. My headshots are always on par."

-Tristan David Luciotti-

"Garry is a blast to work with. Having done a short video project together and a shoot for my professional website he's amazing to work with and makes things seem natural. Would happily work with him again!"

-ML Tycer

"Garry is wonderful to work with! I hope to have the pleasure to again soon! The pictures came out phenomenal and and he's incredibly professional and knowledgeable about his craft. Thank you so much!" 

-Emily Janine Taylor

-Owner/Weaver Lee of the Stone -

"Garry has taken picture perfect memories for myself and family. His awesome work and fun makes creating the moments with amazing! 
I've been happy with our photos and look forward to more!"

-Nicole Rice

- Radio Host- Dirty Rice Podcast -

"Garry took great time with me to get my most natural looks, with three looks to fit different auditions. I recommend him."

-Paul Avallone-

"Garry is a phenomenal photographer! Have worked with him on several different occasions and it's been such a great time! He is fun and is very knowledgable! Highly recommend him!"

-Lindsey Biron-

"One of the best. He is passionate about his work, and easy to collaborate with... Highly recommended."

-Benjamin Philip-